The Lighting Workshop conducted by the Linea light Group

The Linea Light Group in collaboration with the PROLighting Group organized a Lighting Workshop to discuss about the latest products and technologies developed by The Linea Light Group. 

The main focus of the workshop was to demonstrate the latest products of Linea Light which were most recently launched or yet to be launched. 

Some of the highlighted products were the “Ink System” and the “Play System”.

The event was conducted by Mr. Roberto Baggio and by Mr. Antonio Pentangelo.

Ms. Nilusha Rajapaksha from Candela Lighting Design was also a guest speaker who educated the attendees with a presentation on how light can change spaces. 

The event concluded with an interactive session where the attendees were able to get a hands on experience of the new products and on the quality of the products offered by the Linea Light Group.

The event was held at the Renuka City Hotel on the 1st October 2019.

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