At PROLighting Group, we offer a comprehensive range of services for various types of properties, including hospitality, residential, commercial, and industrial. We understand how important lighting is in creating the right ambiance, enhancing aesthetics, and ensuring safety. Our team of experts works closely with you to design and implement personalized lighting systems that cater to your specific needs. Our services include lighting design, product supply, installation, project management, testing, and commissioning. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver high-performance lighting solutions that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Lighting Concept and Design Development

  • We specialize in lighting design, from initial concepts to complete design packages. Our experts work closely with you to ensure your vision is met, using advanced design tools to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Luminaire Selection

  • We offer luminaire selection services, where we recommend the most suitable fittings based on your project's requirements. Our team carefully considers factors such as space, function, and style to provide you with the best lighting options.

Take Offs & Preparing Bill of Quantity

  • Our engineers will perform a take-off from the drawings to verify the given quantity by the customer/client. Then, we will prepare the Bill of Quantity accordingly.

Supply of Material

  • Our engineers handle the entire ordering process and coordinate with manufacturers and the client's procurement team to ensure timely delivery of high-quality materials to the site.

Site Supervision & Installation

  • Our project team provides all the necessary support to contractors to ensure the successful installation of lighting systems. If required, our site team can also provide installation services upon request from the client or project management team.

Maintenance Manuals

  • After completing our scope, we provide a maintenance manual for all the materials we supply.

After Sales Service

  • We provide site support to the Contractor throughout the project execution phase and defect liability period. After the defect liability period, we liaise with the Client's team to ensure that the supplied goods are maintained in good condition until the end of their product lifetime, not just the warranty period.

Lighting Audit & Improvements

  • We conduct a comprehensive lighting audit for existing properties to identify areas for improvement, and then recommend and implement solutions accordingly.


  • Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Facade Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Aircraft Warning Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting Control Systems
  • Wiring accessories / cable containment / busbar and trunking systems


We work with clients and consultants to support them in matching their original design intent and quality with optimal lighting solutions within their allocated budget.


As a key player in the region's lighting industry, PROLighting Group has the financial strength to cover all our expenses. We work with reputable banks such as National Development Bank, Public Bank, and Pan Asia Bank to ensure financial stability and growth.

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