The Golden Gate Kalyani Bridge

A landmark project which comprises Sri Lanka’s first high-tech cable-stayed bridge. The bridge is built on an engineering design known as extradosed type, using stay cables to connect the two main pylons with the bridge deck and to share the weight of the loads from the bridge deck.

The bridge has six lanes of over 380m of length starting from the end of the Colombo – Katunayake Expressway to the Bandaranaike Roundabout and will be four lanes from there on to Orugodawatta, Ingurukade Junction and the Port entrance. 

A lighting design project that required an immense number of technical and design considerations to illuminate the stay cables of the structure.

The intelligent lighting system consists of RGBW Projector Lights and Linear Profile Lights. The design was implemented in a manner so the stay cables will be illuminated from the outer side with the use of the projectors and the pylon to be illuminated with the use of linear profiles on either side of the pylon to transform the bridge into a real element of design.

RGBW Lights were used to get a vast number of colour combinations. RGB fixtures alone provides a possibility of more than 16 million colours. With Warm White (3000K) mixed, the number of colour combinations are vast. The reason to use 3000K for the white was because the street lights were also 3000K and it will not appear different when single-coloured themes are presented. This was to provide a more unified appearance.

Each pylon has 2nos of linear profiles respectively on the road side and the river side concluding to a

total of 8nos linear profiles illuminating both sides of the pylons. Having 6nos of projector lights in each section and since the bridge consists of 8 cable sections, the total number of projector lights are 48nos. 

The focusing of the projector lights were done in a manner so the pylons can be illuminated with different colour themes.

The entire lighting system is controller & monitored by an intelligent lighting control system and it has been programmed to control the light fittings with pre-set scenes. Multiple number of scenes can be preprogramed to this intelligent lighting control system for any occasion.

The light fixtures and control system are manufactured by the Linea Light Group Italy at their factory in Resana, Treviso, Italy. 

Patented fixtures with special optical lenses were incorporated when designing the lighting system to get the maximum illumination of the bridge with a limited number of fixtures to avoid disrupting the architecture of the bridge. The accurate photometric files provided an ease to simulate the design to get a realistic experience of the end result.

● Client: Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka
● Main Contractor: Sumitomo Mitsui Construction and Sanken JV
● Electrical Contractor: Shin Nippon Lanka
● Our Scope: Design Development, Supply, Testing & Commissioning
● Brand: Linea Light
● Year of Completion: 2021