Hilton Yala Resort

Situated near the Indian Ocean and Yala National Park, the resort embodies a commitment to the environment by seamlessly integrating with the surrounding landscape. With convenient proximity to the beach, the luxury resort boasts 42 family-friendly villas, an elephant trail, a spa, outdoor pool, and bar, catering to both adventure seekers and those seeking relaxation.

At PROLighting Group, our collaboration with the project management team and the client ensured the implementation of optimal lighting fixtures and conditions that align with wildlife requirements. Our team handled design developments, the supply of light fixtures, and the installation of lighting control systems for the resort, contributing to its overall success.

  • Client: Melwa Hotels & Resorts
  • Consultant: EnergySolve International
  • Our Scope: Design Development, Lighting Control System, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Brands: Linea Light | CDN | HDL
  • Year of Completion: Ongoing

Photo Credits to Adam Bruzzone Photography